Business process management

Business process management

Saby allows you to organize any business processes of the company in a few steps: orders, travel lists, project management. You can automate existing regulations for your organization or create new ones. This will help you control each stage of the work and increase its speed.

Types of business processes

In relation to the organization, business processes in Saby are divided into two types.

  • External — document flow occurs between legal entities. For example, reconciliation of settlements or exchange of sales documents.
  • Internal — document management is carried out within the company and its branches.
  • For example, the parent organization needs to issue an order for certification of employees of a remote branch. It is enough to set up EDI, use the standard «Order» operation and an electronic signature instead of a handwritten one, to save time.

Where to start

Before you start creating a business process, think about its main stages and the relationships between them. Pay attention to the details: deadlines, responsibilities, document templates.

  1. The system administrator changes a typical operation or creates a new one using the standard editing mode or the graphical flowchart designer.
  2. They add — the steps that the document must go through. For example, calculation of indicators, approval. And they set up deadlines for them and specify performers.
  3. Then they set up transitions — they determine when and under what conditions the document should go to the next stage.
  4. Finally they add related documents, templates, and instructions to the operation.


The «Internal document workflow» pricing plan of the «E-document workflow» service.
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