Business processes management

Create an operation

Create an operation

Saby already has standard operations for working with any service. If your organization business processes are more complex, create your own operations. You can also copy and edit them.

  1. Go to the section with the documents that you are configuring the operation to process. For example, in the section «Contracts» for contracts, «Tasks» — for internal orders.
  2. Click to open the configuration window. Click .
  3. Specify:
    • operation name — this is the name of the document in the system. For example, «approval of a discount» or «order to the accountant»;
    • dialog type — fields that will be available for filling in the document card. For example, the «Performer» field in employee tasks, the «Counterparty» field — if the task is related to the client;
    • performer — full name of the employee or department that will receive the document when starting the EDI;
    • due date. When the time runs out, the document will be considered overdue. If you need to agree on a change in the deadline, specify it.
  4. In the «Business process» section, add the document processing stages and configure transitions between them. Saby will show the process as a list or diagram:
    • on the «List» tab, operations are displayed step-by-step;
    • on the «Scheme» tab, the regulations are presented as a flowchart. Click on it to go to the editor.
  5. Configure additional operation parameters:
  6. Click «Save».

Regulations that you created yourself are marked in the list with the icon .

Additional actions

You can upload the regulation, save it to your computer, or print it out. You can also send a link to it to any Saby user and view the history of changes.

To do this, in the documents section, go to the configuration by clicking the button , open the rules, click and select an action.


The «Internal document flow» tariff of «Electronic Document Flow» service.
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