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Add additional fields to the document

Add additional fields to the document

Additional fields are interface elements that are configured manually for a task, an order, and other types of documents. You can use the fields to enter additional information in the document and use them in printed forms.

If the fields are related, for example, by meaning, or are intended to describe the characteristics of an object, combine them into a group.

For additional fields in personnel documents, you can add a work restriction.

Create a field

You can add additional fields when creating an operation or when editing it. Open the operation, click «Edit» and click «+field» — in the window that opens, set the settings.

  • Type — specify what type of data can be entered in this field. For example, to enter your full name, select the «Text» type.
  • Icon — select an image by clicking the button , it will be displayed next to the user field.
  • Field name.
  • Default value — enter the value that will be specified in the field if it remains empty.
  • Hint — explain what the user should enter in this field. For example, the format of an address or phone number.
  • Variable — parameter that stores the data entered in the field. Using a variable, this data is automatically included in the print form template. You can also specify it as an argument when calling a function in the application code service. By default, the variable name is the same as the field name, but you can change it.
  • If you want this field to be mandatory or you can use it to filter documents, flag such parameters.

When you change the data type, the set of field parameters may change.

Create a field group

If the fields contain a single attribute, such as cargo dimensions, combine them into a group.

  1. Open the operation settings window and click «+ group» in the «Additional fields» section.
  2. Enter a name.
  3. Click .

To create a field in the group, hover the mouse cursor over the name and click . You can also create a subgroup of fields within a group by clicking the button .

Set the order of fields

Arrange the fields or group of fields in the order they should appear in the document. To do this, open the menu with the button . Use the up , down , or buttons , to move the field to a group.

Another way to move a field or group is to simply drag it with the mouse.

To configure the stages of the operation

Some data only needs to be entered at a certain stage of the workflow. You can configure the display of a group of custom fields separately for each stage.

In the operation settings window, go to the «Additional fields» section, click «always displayed» next to the group, and select a stage.


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