Business processes management

Flowchart editor

Flowchart editor

In addition to the standard design of business processes in Saby there is a visual flowchart editor. There you can create an operation, add stages, and configure transitions for each company's unique business processes.

1. Open flowchart editor
2. Set up the operation
  1. Go to the section where you want to configure the operation and click .
  2. Create a new operation or open an existing one for editing.
  3. Go to the «Scheme» tab. To expand the chart, click the preview window.

Automatic alignment

When creating a multi-level business process in the flowchart editor, you are confused about transitions and stages and want to arrange all the elements carefully, perform automatic alignment.

In the flowchart editor click on the « Align automatically». In the window that appears, enable automatic alignment.

Result: the operation was created using the flowchart editor. Set up stages and transitions.


The «Internal document flow» tariff of «Electronic Document Flow» service.
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