Business processes management

Set up transitions

Set up transitions

After you have created the business process stages, set up transitions. These are the rules that define:

  • at what point the document should be moved to the next stage;
  • what status the document will have at the next stage.

Each transition has a summary, such as «Agreed», «Don't do», or «Return to processing».

1. Create a transition
2. Specify the settings and the results

By default, the start transition is generated automatically in Saby and directs the document from creation to the first stage that you configured as part of the business process. To send a document to another stage or multiple stages after it is created, click «Start» and specify the stage manually. Click and select the next step. Save the setting.

To create a new transition between stages, click «Next». To edit an existing transition, click its name. Or switch to the «Diagram» tab and configure the business process in the flowchart editor mode.

Result: the transition between stages has been created. Specify the settings and the transition result.


The «Internal document flow» tariff of «Electronic Document Flow» service.
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