Business processes management

Change the operation

Change the operation

You can change both standard operations and those that you created yourself. However, if you edit typical operations, they will not be automatically updated. If necessary, you can return the settings to their original at any time.

Before editing an operation, make sure that there are no incomplete documents for this regulation.

  1. Go to the section with the operation, click , select the operation and the status «Inprocessing» or «Waiting for a response».

    If there are no such documents, you can edit the operation. If there are any, you can change the rules only after the document flow is completed.

  2. Click and open the operation.
  3. Click «Change».

If you are editing a standard operation, the «Do you really want to change a typical business process?» window appears. Click «Yes».


The «Internal document flow» tariff of «Electronic Document Flow» service.