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Set up document numbering

Set up document numbering

Saby assigns to each new document a number that is used for identification and accounting. The number is based on a template. You can use simple end-to-end numbering or set up a complex number format for different document types. In each case, the numbers will not be duplicated.

By default, a simple numbering template is used that contains only numbers.

For example, a manager creates a contract. Saby assigns to it the serial number «100». If the employee manually changes it to «№200», the next contract will automatically be assigned «№201».

Change the numbering pattern

In some warehouse and payment documents, you can set up your own numbering template and add a prefix-letter designation. In this case, the numbering will not be continuous, but sequential relative to the previous number generated by the system.

For example, a manager creates a contract. Saby assigns to it the serial number «100DOG». The manager draws up another contract — «№101DOG». If an employee manually changes the number, for example, to «№200DOG», this will not affect the numbering in the section. The system will assign the following number to the new document: «№102DOG».

Configure the template.

  1. Go to the section with documents that you want to change the number format for. In the section «Contracts» — for contracts, «Business/Orders/Invoices» — for invoices. Open the operation settings—— window by clicking
  2. In the «document number template» line, click {Number}.
  3. In the template that opens, specify when the numbering starts again: every year, quarter, month, or day.
  4. Add the following to the document number:
    • day, month, or year from the document date;
    • {Our Organization code} — short name of your organization. If there are several organizations, configure your own prefix for each of them.
  5. To assign a different prefix to each document type, click {Operation} and click the «system operations» link. Next to the name in the list, enter its designation. For example to avoid confusing a lease agreement with an employment agreement.
  6. Save the changes.

The template is configured. The document number will consist of digits and a prefix.

Set up numbering for invoices and sales

For sales and invoices, except the basic settings, there are additional settings. You can choose how to number the documents of the parent organization and branches: together or separately. You can also set up a link between the invoice number and the sale.

  1. In the «Business/Invoices/Orders» section, click .
  2. Go to the «Number template» section.
  3. In the «document number» line, select:
    • «Our organization» — numbering will be common for the parent organization and branches;
    • «Branch office» — numbering will be different for the parent organization and branches.
  4. In the «Numbering of accounts and sales» line, select:
    • «independent» — when generating sales from the invoice, the document numbers will not match. Each type of document will have its own number;
    • «consecutive» — when you create a sale from the invoice, the document numbers will match.


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