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Select the stage performer

Select the stage performer

At different stages of document processing, there is a different performer. For example, the accountant coordinates the incoming sales, and the manager checks and approves it using the e-signature. To send the document directly to the performer, assign it for each stage.

  1. Go to the section where you want to configure the operation and click .
  2. Create a new operation or open a ready-made one for editing.
  3. Open the stage and select the performer in the «Performs» field.
  4. Save the changes.

How is the stage performer determined by role

If a role is specified as a performer at the stage, then the employee is selected according to a certain scheme. Let's look at the example of the operation «payment of salary».

In the stage settings, the role «Salary Accountant» is specified, and its functions and rights are inherited by «Chief accountant» and «Director». After the launch of the regulations, the Saby will search for an employee with the role of «Salary Accountant», which is restricted to «specific employees». If there are no restrictions with this type, the search will continue for other restrictions in the following order — «by work area», «by division», «by company», and «for the entire company».

If the performer is not defined automatically, you can select it manually at the stage.


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