Dictionary of terms in business process management

Dictionary of terms in business process management


Business process

A chain of actions that takes into account the specifics of the company work, aimed at completing tasks and achieving the expected result. For example, the business process «placing an order» consists of steps: the manager signs up a contract with the client, the organization provides a service, and the accountant issues an invoice for payment.

Additional fields

Interface components that the system administrator can manually configure in the document card. You can save additional information in separate fields and use it when uploading printed forms.

Window of document processing

A window where the user selects the next stage of the business process. For example, it opens when you submit a task for review or approve a document.


A rule that determines which stage the document will go to after the current stage is completed. Each transition has a result, such as «Agreed» or «Return to processing».

  • «Positive/negative result» — a significant transition that changes the status of the document.
  • «Neutral transition» — does not change the status of the document.
  • «Return to processing» — cancels the status of the previously completed transition and returns the document to the previous stage.

Operation type (regulation)

The rules of document processing. The regulations define the participants of the workflow, route options, actions and processing statuses of a document.

Standard (inserted, installed, typical) operations

Rules that are added to Saby by default. These include the following transactions for exchange with counterparties:

  • receipts/sales;
  • letters;
  • acts of reconciliation;
  • contracts.

For processes within the company — tasks and orders.

Functional role

A set of employee permissions for working in the system. Each zone has its own functional role. For example, the «Manager» has the right to form a contract, the «Head of the department» – to approve it, and the «Accountant» makes the payment on the invoice. Functional roles are defined by the company organizational structure.


Part of the document processing procedure. The stage setting determines the performer and the actions available to them, for example «Execution», «Verification», «Approval».

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