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Take a screenshot or video in Saby

Take a screenshot or video in Saby

To capture what's happening on the screen, take a screenshot or video. To do this, first connect an additional module to the Saby Plugin. Images can be processed — you may add labels to them, if needed.

Configure Saby Plugin

  1. Open Saby Plugin, click and go to the «Advanced Features» section.
  2. In the «Saby Video and Screenshots» line, click «Set».
  3. Change the hotkeys for creating screenshots and recording videos, for example, if this combination is used by another program.
  4. All files are saved in the user's documents in the «Screenshots» folder. To select a different folder, click the line where the path is specified and select the folder.
  5. Set up video recording with comments — check the box and select the audio source.
  6. If you want to record a video with desktop sound, set the flag next to this option.
  7. To make screenshots and video files available from any device, configure saving them to Saby Disk.

Take a screenshot

  1. On the keyboard, press the keyboard shortcuts and select the area to capture the screen.
  2. Edit the image — add notes, captions.
  3. Copy the image to the clipboard, save it, or send it to Saby user. You can also copy only the link to the screenshot – click .

Record a video from the screen

  1. Switch to video recording mode in one of the following ways:
    • Right - click Saby3 Plugin icon in the tray and select «Record video»;
    • On the keyboard, press the hotkeys that you specified in the settings;
    • Open Saby screenshoter and click .
  2. В2. Set the screen area for recording and click « Start». Comment on the actions on the screen if you are recording a video with sound.

    To stop recording, click « Stop». To view the video, select « View».

  3. Copy the video to the clipboard, save it, or send it to Saby user. You can also copy only the link to the video – just click .

Attach a screenshot or video to a document

You can attach an image or video of the screen to any document or message.

  1. Take a picture or video and select in the editor window . Repeat the steps for all files.
  2. Create a document or message, click « Add» and select «From clipboard».
  3. Check the boxes for the screenshots and videos you want to attach, then click «Select».
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