Saby Plugin

Install Saby Plugin

Install Saby Plugin

Install the app to receive notifications about events in the Saby personal account, log in using the e-signature certificate, and use other features.

Make sure that the workplace meets the technical requirements and that you have administrator rights on the computer. The Saby Plugin will be installed immediately for all PC users.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and higher

If you want to install the app on multiple computers at once, use group policies.

Download Saby Plugin

Depending on the specifics of your system, select the distribution type.

  • Recommended

    Contains only the main Saby Plugin modules. If you need additional features when working in Saby, they will be downloaded automatically.

    We recommend it if you have a good Internet connection.

  • Full

    Includes a complete set of application modules.

    We recommend it if the Internet speed is slow and if your computer has restrictions on downloading files.

  • Minimal

    It is intended only for reporting purposes. Postponed signing is not available.

    It does not contain notifications or additional features, such as a screenshot or printing with a two-dimensional barcode. They are not downloaded automatically. To use all the features, install the Saby Plugin distro «Recommended» or «Full».


Install the Saby Plugin

  1. Run the installation file, click «Next» in the welcome window, and select the installation directory.
  2. If you have downloaded the full distro, select the installation components in the next step. The default setting is «recommended installation», which contains only the main modules. To install an extended set of modules, select a different installation type.
  3. In the «Ready to install» window, specify what actions to perform after installation, and click «Install».
  4. At the last step of the wizard, click «Finish».

The app will start automatically. A shortcut will be created on your desktop for quick access to your account.

Connection diagnostics checks the connection of the Saby Plugin to the browser.

The diagnostics page is also available in the Saby Plugin settings.

All distros support only the x86_64 architecture. Select your OS to install the Saby Plugin.

  1. Download the Saby Plugin installation file.
  2. Go to the folder where the application installation file is stored. The procedure depends on your OS.
  3. Enter the following commands:
    chmod +x sbis3plugin-setup
    sudo -E ./sbis3plugin-setup

The Saby Plugin can be installed by the administrator as ROOT. To run the application as a user, restart the computer or terminate the user's session, and then re-log in as the user.

On a computer running macOS version 10.12.0 and higher, log in to your personal account using the certificate.

  1. Download the Saby Plugin installation file sbis3plugin-setup.pkg.

    If the «Save as» window appears, select the folder where you want to save the installation file.

  2. Run the sbis3plugin-setup.pkg file to open the installation wizard.
  3. In the welcome window, click «Continue».
  4. In the «Installation Type» window, click «Install».
  5. In the «Installation completed successfully» window, click «Close».

After installation the Saby Plugin is ready to use — just run it.

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