Saby Plugin

Install Saby Plugin on multiple computers using group policies

Install Saby Plugin on multiple computers using group policies

Saby Plugin can be installed on several computers of the same network at once. To do this, run the installation using the administration tools without the wizard interface.

  1. Download the full Saby Plugin distro.
  2. Select which settings to install the application with, and run on the command line:
    • install with default settings, extensions are installed separately:

      msiexec.exe /i "\sbis3plugin-setup-full.msi" /l*vx "Sbis3Plugin_install.log" /qn

    • installation with configurable parameters, extensions are installed separately:

      msiexec.exe /i "\sbis3plugin-setup-full.msi" /l*vx "Sbis3Plugin_install.log =, =" /qn

      where , are settings from the table.

    APP_RUN_AFTER_INSTALL0do not run the app after installation
    1 (by default)run Saby Plugin after installation
    APP_AUTORUN0cancel app autorun at system startup
    1 (by default)enable Saby Plugin autorun at system startup
    used together with APP_AUTORUN=1
    1 (by default)autorun for the current user
    2autorun for all users
    CREATE_LINK_ONLINE0do not create an app icon on the desktop
    1 (by default)create Saby Plugin icon on the desktop
    CHECK_CONNECTION0 (by default)do not open the diagnostics page after installation
    1open the diagnostics page after installation
  3. 3Add extensions by entering the command:

    msiexec/i sbis3plugin-setup-full.msi ADDLOCAL=1,2,

    where 1, 2 and so on are application extensions.

    ACS Work with SKUD
    CrossRequest Sending reports to FSRAR
    CryptoApp Document encryption
    SBISDiskService Saby Disk for wotk with docs
    Scanner Work with system scanners
    Screenshot Screenshoter Saby to make shots and videos from screen
    RemoteHelperOperator Remote helper
    SBIS2Support Support of Saby2
    Devices Support of peripheral devices
    DocsDownload Downloading dopcuments from
    EGAIS EGAIS (transport of wholesale documents)
    EGAISRetail EGAIS (transport of retail documents)
    EO2DBarCoder Printing reports with a two-dimensional barcode via «printing ND with PDF417»
    ExtCom1C Extension for work with 1C
    ExtDocsVision Extension for work with Docvision
    ExtSap Extension for work with SAP
    ExtSdk Extension for work with API Saby
    ExtStoreHouse Extension for work with StoreHouse
    ExtWeb1C Extension for work with Web1C
    FingerprintService Working with a desktop fingerprint scanner
    GenieServerLoader Work with WebGenie
    HelloWorld Testing the interaction between the browser and the app

If you want to add extensions immediately during installation, run at the command line:

msiexec /i sbis3plugin-setup-full.msi /l*v install.log ADDLOCAL=BaseFeature,Basiccomponents,Recommended, , /qn
where , are the application extensions from the table above.

To install the full distribution with all extensions, run the command:

msiexec /i sbis3plugin-setup-full.msi /l*v install.log ADDLOCAL=ALL /qn

Mass installation of applications by group policies is described on the official Microsoft support site.

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