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Install and activate Saby Sapper Add-on

Install and activate Saby Sapper Add-on

Before installing Saby Sapper, check that SAP ERP meets the technical requirements:

  • the latest update of the programs «tp» and «R3trans» is installed;
  • the latest «SAINT» update (starting from version 053) is imported;
  • minimum required versions of SAP packages:
SAP_APPL 617 Support package: 06
SAP_FIN617Support package: 06

Install Saby Sapper
Activate the configuration packages
  1. Log in to SAP ERP as a user with the «SAP_ALL» rights in the «000» client. The input language is «en».
  2. Call the «SAINT» transaction.
  3. Select «Load Packages/EPS files from application server» in the menu. You will see the address of the folder to copy the package to.
  4. Copy the package (a file with the *.PAT extension) to the «...trans\EPS\in\».
  5. Go back using the button and click «Start».
  6. Click «Continue». If the system requires a password, enter it and click .
  7. Wait for the package import to complete and click «Finish».
  8. Make sure that «SBIS Add-on for SAP ERP» appears in the list of installed components.
  9. Make sure that the required charts are available in SAP ERP. The list of charts depends on the version of the add-on.

You can remove Saby Sapper from the «Add-On Installation Tool».

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