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Send a document to customer from SAP

Send a document to customer from SAP

To send implementation documents to a customer from SAP ERP interface you need to:

  1. Create SAP document (bill, invoice, etc.)
  2. Start SBIS Add-on
  3. Select a proper subsection in «Продажа» (Sales) section of SBIS module, e.g. «Реализация услуг» (Service implementation).
  4. Notice all necessary document sets and click (Send) — all marked documents will be electronically signed and sent. If you use a flash-drive make sure it is inserted into the computer.


    You may open the document's record to have a look at the contents by clicking its name twice and then send it directly from the record. You may also track sent documents from here.

  5. Once the documents are received, approved or rejected they change their status. Click on for refresh status.


SBIS Add-on settings define the presence of these or those registries and documents in «Продажа» (Sales) section.

How it works

In SBIS SAPPER you may set up menu sections without changes of ABAP code. Sales menu items describe options of document packages to send. Each item in this section describes the contents of a specific document package type. When user selects a menu item in Sales section, SBIS SAPPER receives a document list request from module settings and runs it. The request is written in a proper way to collect the relevant documents. As a result, user will see a list of packaged documents in the screen (for example, TORG-12 and tax invoice).

When you open a document package card (double click) or click to send, SBIS SAPPER calls a usual print program for each document package in electronic document generation mode.

Further, on the basis of the print program calculated data and mapping tables, it generates XML files of required formats. You should add some ABAP-code into print program to generate XML:

  DATA lv_not_print TYPE c VALUE ''.
  DATA cl_mapping TYPE REF TO /sbis/cl_mapping.
  CREATE OBJECT cl_mapping.
  CALL METHOD cl_mapping->calc_doc
      is_nast      = nast
      ev_not_print = lv_not_print.
  IF lv_not_print = 'X'.

After the document package generation, it connects to SBIS COM object and sends and signs the documents (there are signature and no signature options).

This method works at any SAP with all types of documents and reports (does not depend on Invoice Journal functionality from Russian Add-on).

Optional settings

  • document packages alternatives and their contents;
  • document appearance (visualization);
  • data acquisition method: printing program/ XML from Invoice Journal Russia / BAPI;
  • shipping method: SDK, SBIS Connect, API, solution architecture allows sending via any EDM operator.
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