​If you want to understand quickly whether a customer has received a document or not, approved or rejected it look at the document status in «Продажа» (Sales) or «Отправленные» (Sent). You can update it by clicking .

Code Name For outbox documents For inbox documents
200  — document in revision Document not sent, in process of revision.
201  — document is present  A new document or a new document revision is now in the recipient’s inbox.
202  — invitation sent The recipient was not connected to, an invitation has been sent via e-mail.
203  — sent The document is sent.
204  — delivered  The document is delivered to the recipient who gave notice about the delivery.
206  — delivery issue An error occurred at the sending/receiving.
207  — successful execution Signed (approved) document are received. Documents are signed (approved) and sent.
209 — execution completed with issues  A notification requiring specifications was received, documents are not signed (rejected). Documents are not signed (rejected), the receiver has got a notification requiring specifications.
210 — in processing Documents are not signed, the receiver is sent a notification requiring specifications.
501 — send error An issue occurred at the sending, the document was not sent.
502 — uploaded The document was uploaded to
219  — revoked by me The outbox document was deleted in the sender’s account. The receiver has got a deletion notification.  The inbox document was deleted in the receiver’s account. The sender has got a deletion notification.
220  — deleted by contractor The document was deleted in the sender’s/receiver’s account. A deletion notification was received.
222  — annulled by parties The document is annulled by the parties.
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