SBIS Plugin



In order to work with electronic signatures, notifications, screenshots, etc. in your account, install SBISPlugin. The application works on the Windows platform and is available to all users of


Offer to install VLSI Plugin will appear:

  • when you first log into your account using the certificate;
  • in the process of working in the office: when signing a document, file attachment, scanning, etc.

Before installing the VLSI Plug-in, make sure that the workplace meets the technical requirements..


  • SBIS Plugin must have access to the network; to do this, configure the anti-virus program, firewall and blocking applications;
  • perform the general settings of the application: notifications, SBIS.Disk etc.


Use SBIS Plugin to:

  • receive notifications about new events: messages, video calls etc.;
  • sign in to your accountwith a certificate;
  • issue an electronic signature on the carrier;
  • sign, encrypt and decrypt documents and reports;
  • edit, download and scan documents;
  • sync the content of the SBIS cloud;
  • transfer data to UTM for exchange with the Unified State Automated Information System.

SBIS Plugin is updated automatically — you will get a pop-up notification abouta new version installation.