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Video call

Video call

How can I resolve an issue with a colleague or client as quickly as possible? Of course, call! In Saby, you do not need to search for an interlocutor using complicated nicknames: it is enough to know the full name and organization if you want to communicate with a representative of the counterparty instead of a colleague.

Saby provides not only video calls, but also telephony to communicate with employees of your organization. These services are interconnected, so you can make video calls directly from the browser, as well as to a regular phone.

How to call

  1. Find the contact of the person you want to contact via video.
  2. Hover over the contact and click .
  3. Wait for the other person to respond.

If there is no icon , when hovering over a contact, it means that the user has restricted video access.

Additional video communication features

After establishing a connection, you can use additional video communication features:

  • — exchange instant messages with participants of a video call using the button, you will always be notified of an incoming message by the red indicator.
  • — enable/disable your microphone or video camera — .
  • — enable a demonstration of your desktop.
  • control the interlocutor's mouse on the displayed desktop;
  • to set up a camera or microphone, the quality of the image.
  • manage your interlocutor's media devices: click the ellipsis next to the full name and turn on/off the interlocutor's microphone or video camera.
  • — enable/disable video display of your interlocutors on your computer.
  • — switch to full-screen mode.
  • record and save video calls, after recording is complete, they are transferred to Saby Disk in «My documents» by default. You can change the folder selection in the settings.

Additional features of the phone call

To make a call from the browser to a regular phone connected to Saby, click the extension number in the employee profile. After establishing a connection, you will be able to use all the features of the call:

  • — pause the conversation for a while;
  • — dial an internal number to invite another interlocutor;
  • — redirect the call to another recipient.

Before using video calls, make sure that your system meets the technical requirements.

To start working with video calls in Saby, please contact your manager.

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