Webinars and Video communications

Create a video broadcast

Create a video broadcast

Saby allows you to solve work issues, even if the interlocutors are in another office or city. To do this, create a video conference using one of the following methods:

  • in the «Contacts/Events» section, click and select «Videoconference»;
  • in the calendar, click + or in the date column, click one of the cells. Select «Meeting/Videoconference».

Configure the event parameters

  1. Specify the subject of the video broadcast and fill in the agenda.
  2. Add participants registered in Saby. The event author is automatically assigned as its moderator — the moderator can edit the video broadcast settings and assign other participants as moderators.

    Offer your colleagues a form of participation. They will confirm it or choose another option when they receive the invitation.

    If a person is not registered in Saby, they can be invited to a video conference by sending a link to an email. After the participant registers, you can connect to the meeting from Saby personal account or by clicking on the link in the email.

  3. Set up your privacy. Everyone can participate in the open video conference. They have access to the name, agenda, and results of the event. Only invited participants take part in the private event, and only participants can see the information in the video conference card.
  4. Click «Pick up the time» to set a date and time that is suitable for all participants. You can use the button to change the view of the window, if it is more convenient for you to work with the calendar.
  5. Click «Start» — participants will receive an invitation to the event.

Check the mark in the calendar

A mark about the meeting will automatically appear in the calendar for all invited people. If the user ignored the invitation, it will be gray. Confirmed participation — the time of the event will be included in the report card.

Video broadcast will disappear from the calendar if:

  • the employee declined to participate;
  • the author deleted the meeting.

To start working with video broadcasts in Saby, please contact your manager.

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