Webinars and Video communications

Video editor

Video editor

This tool helps you edit video files and prepare them for presentation. For example, you can cut out fragments of a previous webinar that do not relate to the topic, or change the cover art.

To edit a video file, find it in Saby, for example in the documents section, open it, and click Edit.

Cut the shot
Insert the shot
Сhoose a cover

Shots from a video can be cut or replaced with others. For example, if the host spent a long time checking the connection with listeners at a webinar, delete the beginning of the recording.

Click «Select». On the timeline, set the limiters to the beginning and end of the shot, and click «Cut».

Set the viewing time label where you want to add the shot. You can only add files in *.mp4, *.jpeg, *.jpg, *.bmp, *.png formats to a video.

Click «Insert» and choose where to add files from:

  • «From computer» — select a file on your PC.
  • «From the clipboard» — recently copied images or videos.
  • «From a mobile device» — Saby sends a request to the mobile device to get files to download.
  • «From documents» — select a file on Saby Disk.
  • «Video message» — - record a video or audio message. For example, a greeting.

After adding the file, the video stream and the inserted shot will be displayed under the time bar.

To make a video unique and protect it from copying, add a watermark to it — your logo or other image. It will be displayed on top of the recording during the entire screening.

You can make the image semi-transparent and place it in any part of the video.

The first frame of the video becomes the cover by default. Change the image so that the viewer can understand what is being discussed even before viewing it.

You can prepare an image in advance or take a screenshot of the frame from the recording itself. To do this, click «Screenshot» - Saby will take a screenshot that can be edited, then «Select cover». You will see a list of photos taken and the ability to add your own images.

To cancel your changes, click , save — . All versions of the video file — original and modified – will be available in the action history.

To start working with video communication in Saby, please contact your manager.

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