Webinars and Video communications



With Saby webinars you can organize and host an online event for a large audience. For example, give a lecture or tell customers about your products and services. Participants can ask questions in the chat or on the webinar page, request a word during the broadcast, and go live.

You can invite participants even if they don't use Saby yet.

How to conduct a webinar

  1. The author creates an event page: fills in basic information, invites participants, sets up the landing page, and broadcast parameters. They go on the air at the specified time.
  2. Listeners accept the invitation and join the broadcast at the appointed time.
  3. During the webinar, participants listen to speakers, ask questions, and discuss the topic in a chat.
  4. The author completes the webinar and summarizes the results.

Before organizing a webinar, make sure that the equipment meets the technical requirements.

To start working with webinars in Saby, please contact your manager.

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