Conduct a webinar

Conduct a webinar

The webinar is started by the employee who created it or by the presenter. Before the event starts, we recommend setting the working status to «Do not disturb» so that incoming calls and notifications do not distract you from the broadcast.

1. Make sure everything is working
2. Conduct the webinar
3. Get the feedback
4. Stop broadcasting

In the «Contacts/Events» section of the video conference card, click «Go to webinar» to open the broadcast window.

In the webinar window, Saby will check whether your computer meets the technical requirements. Wait for the icon to appear . Click it, and then start broadcasting with the button .

If there are errors, fix it or close the verification window and start broadcasting — the quality of the image and sound is not guaranteed.

A short survey will appear on listeners' screens 30 to 40 seconds after the broadcast starts. Ask them to rate the quality of the connection. If there are problems, fix them: check your microphone and webcam, and then run the survey again.

Result: participants see and hear the host well. Conduct a webinar.

To start working with webinars in Saby, please contact your manager.

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