Webinars and Video communications

Create a webinar

Create a webinar

To create a webinar in Saby, use one of the following methods:

  • in the Contacts/Events section, click and choose «Webinar»;
  • on the main page of a group or a project press and choose «Webinar». In this case the news about the upcoming event will be published on the group's wall;
  • in the calendar press  +  or in the date column, click one of the cells and select «Event/Webinar»;
  • in timesheet click the date field, click «Event», and select «Meeting/Webinar».
  • find and copy an existing event. To do this, in the "Contacts/Events" section, hover the cursor over the event. Expand the menu with the button and click « Copy».

    All materials, the list of participants, the design and description of the event will be moved to the new event. Webinar videos, surveys, chats, questions, and correspondence are not copied.

After creating the page:

  1. Fill in basic information.
  2. Invite participants or create a short link to the webinar page to post it on social networks.
  3. Assign moderators if you need help preparing and running the event.
  4. Customize the appearance of the event card.
  5. Prepare the broadcast.

If you copied an event, specify the date and time of the event.

Save a draft of the event or publish the webinar. Information about the upcoming event will appear Saby. Participants will receive invitations only after the webinar is published.

To start working with webinars in Saby, please contact your manager.

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