Fill in the main information

Fill in the main information

After you have created the page of event provide basic information about the webinar:

  • subject;
  • date and time of the event;
  • the planned duration, so that speakers and listeners can focus on it.

Add presenters.

Who the webinar is intended for

Choose who will be able to watch the record: all, participants, or only the administrators.

Specify who can participate:

  • for invited — only participants will see the webinar in the list of events;
  • for employees — the event will be available to all employees of the organization;
  • without restrictions — the webinar will appear in the feed for invitees, employees, and in the list of external events for all Saby users.

Create recurring events

This is useful if you hold, for example, a weekly meeting in the form of a webinar. You don't have to spend time creating new events.

Click «Do not repeat» and choose how often the event will recur: Saby will automatically create a new webinar card a few days before the event — specify how many.

As soon as the event is created, employees will receive a notification, and the participants' calendar will show their scheduled appointments for the entire period.

Configure additional parameters

Specify how long the event will be deleted from Saby. By default, this happens in 3 months after the end of the webinar. Choose a venue if the event is both online and offline.

After you filled in the main information about the webinar invite participants.

To start working with webinars in Saby, please contact your manager.

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