Take part in the webinar

Take part in the webinar

When the author publishes the webinar, invited participants will receive a notification: Saby users in their personal account or mobile app, and the rest — by email. To become a webinar listener, accept the invitation and join the broadcast at the appointed time.

1. Accept the invitation
2. Join the broadcast
3. Take part in the discussion

In your personal account

Respond to the invitation using one of the following methods.

  • on any Saby page except the main one;
  • ;
  • on the Saby home page.

In the mobile app

Open the app and go to the «Meetings». Click «Participating» in the webinar line and confirm your consent.

From an email

Open the email and follow the link to the webinar page.

Fill in the required fields in the registration form and click «Participating». If you specified a phone number, your personal account will be created in Saby: you'll be able to find webinars yourself and connect to the broadcast.

The registration form is set up by the webinar host. If they marked «Phone number» as the required field, you won’t be able to register for the webinar and leave this field blank.

Result: you have confirmed your participation in the webinar. Wait for the broadcast to start and join the conference.

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