If you are often on the road, on business trips, at various business meetings, stay in touch with your colleagues, to hold a meeting or distance learning, you can always use a group video link (videoconference):

During a video call, click the «+Add participants» button and select employees to talk to.

Click the ellipsis next to the person's name and in the conversation management menu select:

  • enable/disable audio or video — you will no longer be able to listen to the audio or video of the selected conversation partner;
  • switch to listener mode — none of the participants in the conversation will be able to hear or see the selected interlocutor, but the user will be able to hear the conversation of other participants;
  • exclude a participant from the conversation — the user will be excluded from the conversation;
  • show the interlocutor's card.

During the conversation, you can also:

  • exchange instant messages with video call participants using the button — you will always be notified of an incoming message by the red indicator.
  • enable/disable your microphone (button ) or video camera (button ).
  • to include a demonstration of a desktop (button ).
  • configure the video camera or microphone, image quality (button ).
  • manage your interlocutor's media devices: click the ellipsis next to the full name and turn on/off the interlocutor's microphone or video camera.
  • enable/disable video display of your interlocutors on your computer (button ).
  • switch to full-screen mode (button ).
  • record and save video calls (button ) – after recording is complete, they are transferred to the Saby Disk in «My documents».

If necessary, you can demonstrate a desktop screen during a video conference, e.g. a prepared presentation or document.


Tariff «Webinars and Video communications» of service «Video communications».