Demonstration of the desktop

Demonstration of the desktop

If you want to make a remote presentation, discuss a document with colleagues, or help a user solve a problem on their computer, enable a desktop demonstration. This feature is available when using Google Chrome.

How to enable a demonstration of the desktop

  1. Call a colleague or a counterparty via video link.
  2. When the connection is established, click — the conversation participant will see your desktop. Allow the other person access to manage your computer, if necessary.
  3. To end the desktop demo, click .

Please note: the desktop demo is available in all browsers except Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Demonstration of a desktop with sound

During a video call, you cannot only show your screen to your interlocutors, but also turn on, for example, a video clip with sound.

  1. In the demo settings window, check the box next to «Audio sharing» and click «Share».
  2. Before showing the video, click .

Please note: the demonstration of the desktop screen with system sounds is only available in the Google Chrome browser.

Drawing mode during a conversation

To mark key points during your presentation, use the drawing mode. Tap and click on the screen to display a red circle on the other person's desktop. Use different drawing modes: pencil , rectangular area selection or arrow .

If several participants have the screen display enabled during a video conference, you can draw on any screen.

Broadcast the desktop in high quality and select a monitor for the presentation

Users of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can broadcast the desktop in high quality, as well as choose from which monitor to conduct a presentation.

Install the browser extension for the first demo. In the future, after clicking the button , you will be asked to select the monitor screen, and the demonstration will be performed in high quality by default.


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