Send a link for a video call

Send a link for a video call

To connect via video, give the other person a link to the video call. The user can use it to call you, even if they are 


You can get a link to the video call from the «My page» section or in the employee profile.

In the «My page» section
In the employee profile
  1. Go to the «My page» section.
  2. Click and select «Link to video call to me».
  1. Open the card of the employee, to contact via video link.
  2. Click , move the cursor to «Video call» and click « Get a link to the call».
  1. In the window that opens, select which link to provide:
    • default link — contains the employee ID in the Saby;
    • name link — contains the user's Saby login.
  2. Click Copy to clipboard.
  3. Send a link to the source message in Saby, social networks or email — when you click on it, a call window will open. The interlocutor must set up communication devices.
  4. Click «Accept» to start a conversation.


Tariff «Webinars and Video communications» of service «Video communications».