Record a video call

Record a video call

After establishing a connection, you can enable recording a conversation with your interlocutor. You can save the recording to the Saby disk or the computer, share it with colleagues, or use it as a tutorial. For example, if the interlocutor shows you how to configure the program.

The Saby disk must have at least 50 MB of free space. If the resulting file size is larger than the available memory, the record will be saved, but you will have to free up space on the Saby Disk for subsequent recordings.

To start recording, tap . A red indicator will indicate that recording has started.

If you do not have the Saby Plugin running, additionally press the keyboard shortcut «CTRL+SHIFT+S».

Participants of the conversation will receive a notification that you have started recording the call.

To end record, click or hang up. After the conversation ends, the recording will be saved by default in the cloud on the «My documents» tab. You can change the folder selection in the settings. You can also change the video quality and «the audio-only» recording option in the settings.

After you finish recording, click «Copy link» in the tooltip.

By default, only the author has access to the record. The author can extend rights to a specific group of users or to all employees.


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