Saby Plugin

Configure work on a terminal servers

Configure work on a terminal servers

In terminal mode, the program is installed once on the server where all computing processes are performed. Users get access to it and work as in a normal application on the computer. The sequence of actions depends on the version of the application.

How everything works

  1. After starting in its terminal session, Saby Plugin calls the SBIS3Plugin service to get the port numbers for processing requests.
  2. The browser connects to the system service and receives from it the port number for Saby Plugin in this terminal session.
  3. After an exchange of requests the browser connects to the application.

When the application starts, the system service occupies ports 843, 8201, and 9208, and Saby Plugin on behalf of the first user is one of the ranges 8202-8301 and 9209-9308.

How to set up app autorun

Install Saby Plugin as an administrator. By default, autorun is configured only for the current user. If you want to install it for all users of the system, select «for all» during installation.

You can also configure autorun for some users:

  1. When installing, unflag the «Automatically start Saby Plugin at system startup».
  2. Log in to the user's account. Change Saby Plugin settings by adding the parameter:

    [Базовая конфигурация]

    This will disable the «Application autorun is disabled» notification in the app.

  3. Log in to your personal account at In the window that appears, set the «Always run» flag and click «Run». Repeat this action for each user separately.
  4. Configure antivirus and ad blockers to work with the program.

Run Saby Plugin update

To start updating the application while working in terminal mode, each user must confirm the start of the download. To do this, open Saby Plugin and click the notification «The update is being prepared. Please wait».

If you do not confirm the launch of the updates of Saby Plugin, they will upload automatically after all users in the terminal have finished working with the plugin.

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