Webinars and Video communications

Webinars and Video communications

Webinars and Video communications

Success in business largely depends on the people and business connections that these people create, maintain and develop. Establish strong contacts with clients and partners, attract people to your team who share your ideas and goals — all this can be done in Saby.

Saby unites not only companies across Russia and their employees, but also freelancers, startups, head-hunters, job seekers, bloggers and just good people, creating a single professional community.

To establish communication between community members, Saby uses professional communication tools that combine all the features of video communication:

  • Video calls

    If you need to solve a problem face to face, the best way is to make a video call. It is also not a problem to hold an urgent meeting with colleagues or a presentation for clients. Take advantage of additional video communication options: video conferencing and desktop demonstrations.

  • Webinars

    A webinar is an online meeting. For example, a training session for remote employees of the company or a master class on origami — everything that can be held in online format.

  • Video broadcasts

    If the interlocutors are in another office or city, organize a video conference. After the meeting, notify the participants about the results and issue instructions. All meetings will be saved in the Saby, and you will easily find their results and materials.

To start working with video communication in Saby, please contact your manager.

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