Lead a webinar

Lead a webinar

The webinar is started by the employee who created it. Before you start, we recommend «Do not disturb» working status, that incoming calls and notifications do not distract you from the broadcast.

Then open the video conference card and click Start webinar.

The «Participants» tab displays a list of listeners who have joined the webinar.

Check the connection

Before starting a webinar, the host should make sure that the participants can hear and see it well. To do this, listeners can take a short survey about the quality of communication. It will appear in the webinar window automatically 30 to 40 seconds after the broadcast starts.

The organizer will immediately receive the survey responses and will be able to understand if there are problems. After correcting them (checking the microphone, webcam), the moderator can start the survey again.

Show your desktop

During the webinar, the speaker can include a demonstration of their desktop, for example, to show a presentation. To do this, tap — the audience will see your screen. You can temporarily return to the broadcast mode from the performance site by turning on the camera with the button . To end the screen demonstration, tap .

Show the document

During the broadcast, you can display documents, images, and video files attached to the webinar. To do this, open the webinar card, select the file.

To add a new document directly during the broadcast, click in the «Materials» section of the webinar card.

To draw attention to specific places in documents the speaker can draw on top of them using the editor.

Virtual board

For demonstration, the speaker can use a lightboard — a virtual drawing Board. You can use the toolbar to write and draw on it. To turn on the Board, click during the broadcast.

Block a member

The webinar moderator can block a participant:

  • Partly — the user will not be able to write messages in the chat and request to go on the air.
  • Fully — the listener is excluded from the broadcast window and can return to the conference after unblocking.

Start the survey

To get feedback, conduct a survey among listeners:

  1. Open the «Surveys» section and click to add a new one.
  2. Fill in the subject, answer options, and set up your voting options.
  3. Click Save, to start a survey.

The survey window will appear for all viewers. You can stop it at any time.

The results will only be available during the broadcast.


Open list of questions from webinar participants. To create a new one, click + Question.

After the broadcast is complete, the list of questions with answers will be available in the webinar card in the «Questions» section.

Webinar chat

During the broadcast, listeners can discuss the performance in a chat. To send or read a message, click .

The chat is only available during the broadcast.

Request participation in the broadcast

Listeners can send an on-air request to the speaker. For example, to voice questions or important comments during a webinar.

Additional functions

If the speaker needs to pause, you can temporarily turn off the microphone or pause the webinar by clicking the button .

The webinar window displays the number of listeners. If someone is disconnected, you will immediately see it.


Tariff «Webinars and Video communications» of service «Video communications».