Create a webinar

Create a webinar

To create a webinar in Saby, use one of the following methods:

  • in the Contacts/Events section, click + Event and choose «Webinar»;
  • on the main page of a group or a project press and choose «Webinar». In this case the news about the upcoming event will be published on the group's wall;
  • in the calendar press  +  or in the date column, click one of the cells and select «Event/Webinar»;
  • in timesheet click the date field, click «Event», and select «Meeting/Webinar».
1. Create a landing page
2. Configure the broadcast
3. Add participants

A landing page is a preview page of the webinar. It contains basic information about the event: the theme, detailed description, and contacts of the hosts. Create a page that will fully reflect the essence of the webinar.

  1. Configure the appearance of the event card — to do this, select and click the appropriate template.
  2. Enter basic information about the webinar:
    • theme;
    • date, time, and duration;
    • event description;
    • leaders;
    • contact person – by default, this is the webinar creator.
  3. Attach materials: images, presentations, and documents. They will be available to participants even after the broadcast.
  4. Specify the topics of the report if there are several speakers.
  5. Click , to open the rest of the webinar settings.
  6. Choose who you want to host the webinar for: employees, everyone, and those invited.
  7. Specify who will be available to chat and record the webinar.
  8. Specify the time after which the event will be deleted in Saby. By default, the event is deleted from the «Past» section 3 months after the event.
  9. Set up invitations. By default, they are enabled — after publishing, participants will receive an invitation to Saby or email. Uncheck this box if you want to inform in another way — such as by announcing a webinar in a Facebook group
  10. Come up with a short link to the webinar — for example, «error_handling». A short URL looks better in the address bar and is remembered by users.
  11. Specify the location of the webinar, if it is held not only online, but also in front of a live audience.
  12. Add additional bloks.

Result: the webinar card's appearance is designed. Configure the broadcast.

During the webinar, the hosts can show participants useful materials – slides with the main theses, texts and photos. Set up the broadcast so that the audience is comfortable watching the webinar, and the hosts held it without hitches.

  1. Go to the «Broadcast» tab.
  2. Select and click the broadcast template:
    • presentation — participants only see the webinar materials on the screen;
    • presentation and video — the main place on the screen is occupied by the presentation, the video with the presenter is displayed in the lower right corner;
    • video — participants see the speaker, materials are hidden.
  3. Add the materials that you will use at the webinar. These can include images, videos, presentations, tables, and documents.
  4. Select which file will be shown first during the webinar. Mark it with a sign .

During webinar presenters can change the appearance of the broadcast and the file that is displayed on the screen.

Result: broadcast is set up, add participants.

Open the Participants tab to invite participants in Saby or via email. When a sufficient number of listeners accept the invitation to the event, you can close the registration. For example, if the Internet connection speed is lower than the recommended one.

Set up a registration form that participants will fill out when accepting an invitation to the webinar via email. This will allow you to effectively build communication with your audience.

  1. Select the fields you want to include in the registration form:
    • name, surname, email — they must be filled in, and you can't unmark them;
    • phone number, city, company and position — additional field. Mark them if you want participants to fill them out.

    The fields that you have marked will also become mandatory. If you don't need to fill in the field, click .

  2. Save your settings.

The recipient will see this form in the invitation:

Until the participants have completed all the items marked with asterisks , by the organizer, they will not be able to register for the webinar. A participant who entered their phone number in the form is automatically registered in Saby as an individual.

After the end of the webinar, in the "Participants" section, the presentor and moderator can upload the list of listeners to an excel file.

Click Publish. Information about the upcoming webinar will appear in the Saby.

If you click «Save», instead of Publish, the event will be saved as a draft: you can edit and publish it later.


Tariff «Webinars and Video communications» of service «Video communications».